CBE Engineering Associates Limited is designated as the prime consultant providing all services indicated in the relevant Request for Proposals from time to time. To augment the capabilities of its core staff and to ensure that the best skilled and experienced personnel are available to the project, CBEEA has established sub- consulting relationships with world class consulting and construction teams including Cape Design Engineering Co., Schnabel Engineering, Occam Consulting Engineers; 3De Limited; Seacure Marine NV, KM Construction Ltd. and Adamson Land Surveyors Limited and resultantly is well positioned to deliver a wide variety of services inclusive of:


Services spanning from conceptual design to preparation of construction documents, including space planning, accessibility studies, code evaluations, renderings, program management, preparation of contract documents, construction administration, and LEED- Certified Facilities

Construction Engineering and Inspection:

Full Construction Engineering and Inspection (CE & I) services including Constructability Review of Plan; Construction Layout/Verification; Traffic Engineering and Control: Utilities Coordination; Inspection Documentation; and Materials Testing.

Construction Management:

Guiding clients and projects through the critical phases of project development, maintaining and documenting communication, managing schedules, ensuring the quality of materials and the final product, and assuming client fiduciary responsibilities.

Construction & Development Services:

Complete Construction & Development services inclusive of commercial, residential, institutional and marine works.


Encompasses Preliminary Design, Design, Criteria, Type Studies, Feasibility Studies, Concept Studies, Value Analysis/ Renderings, Final Design and Plans Specification and Estimates (PS and E).


Complete environmental and engineering services from the initial site investigation and assessment through remedial action and site closure. Services include Endangered/ Threatened Species Assessment; Wetland Evaluations and Mitigation plans; Biological Monitoring; Water Quality Evaluations; Contamination assessments, Indoor Air Quality; and Sustainable/LEED solutions.

Mechanical/Electrical Engineering/ESD/Fire Suppression:

Comprehensive Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) engineering services for power systems, building management system (BMS), internal transportation, plumbing and sewage, site utilities, HVAC, fire protection and security, IT/audio visual system, and labs /cleanroom, as well as Environmentally Sustainable design (ESD) solution such as energy management and modeling, environmentally- sustainable materials and methods, and applications for Green Mark accreditation.

Planning & Pre-Construction Services:

Delivering implementable plans through services that include Comprehensive Planning, Modal Circulation and Access Management, Site Planning, Recreation and Trails, Economic Development, Geographic Information, System, Grant Identification and Preparation, Wayfinding and Gateway Signage.

Program Management:

Extensive program management services including developing implementation strategies; developing, managing and controlling project scope; developing project funding and programming plan; managing project environment approval and design; preparing and reviewing cost estimates and schedules; performing risk analysis/ management; administration of the procurement process, construction administration; and developing work plans.


Covering all aspects of land survey services such as Geodetic Control Horizontal and Vertical Control Networks High Definition Survey -3D Laser scanning Mobile scanning Boundary and Topographic, Surveys Route/ Transportation Services and Right-of-Way/ Acquisitions Mapping.