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Caribbean Basin Enterprises (CBE) and CBE Engineering Associates (CBEEA) formally Berger-CBE, Limited, is a full service engineering consulting company with its registration and headquarters in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Established in 1995 by Carvin & Pernis Malone, CBEEA offers engineering and project management  services to private and municipal organizations in the areas of storm water management; water supply treatment and distribution; sewerage collection, treatment and disposal; transportation; erosion control; land development; structural engineering; power generation and construction management.
CBEEA, together with its core staff, foster and develop strategic relationships with regional and international engineering consultants and through its associations bring many years of combined experience to meet and resolve the unique challenges facing its local and regional clients at the highest standards and world class quality. From inception to project close-out, CBEEA prides itself in its track record of working diligently alongside its clients to ensure that the outcome of each project meets its visions and objectives.
Combined, our experienced teams of engineers, GIS specialists, economists, environmentalists, surveyors and technicians are amply qualified and based on individual and collective participation have completed work assignments contracted not only in the Virgin Islands but also in the Caribbean and the United States, including:
A) Storm Water Management Studies and Flood Risk Reduction: 
• Design soil erosion mitigation measures including slope stabilization, sediment ponds, and stream banks and channel stabilization
• Hydrologic studies
• Hydraulic modeling to determine peak runoff and stream flow elevations
• Modeling of hydraulic structures including bridges, culverts and closed conduits
• Design of storm water detention structures to reduce peak flows
• Design of water quality treatment facilities
• Flood risk mitigation and emergency response planning

B) Municipal Infrastructure Program:
• Wastewater facilities planning and design
• Water supply systems planning and design
• Feasibility Studies
• Environmental impact analysis
• Hydraulic Modeling
C) Private Sector Developments:
• Land Use Analysis
• Financial Analysis & Funding Proposal Submittals 
• Building & Infrastructural Design & Engineering Services
• Permitting & Building Authority Approvals
D) Program & Construction Management:
• Human Resources Management
• Contract Management
• Data Review & Work Plan Development
• Public Meetings
• Coordination of Program Participants
• Quality Assessment & Control