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June 15, 2017
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Her Majesty’s Prison


Her Majesty’s Prison
Government of the British Virgin Islands
Balsum Ghut, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Mr. Kenton Callwood, Superintendant of Prison
Tel: (284) 495-1873
Completion Date – October 2008

After years of sub‐standard sewerage and other wastewater disposal methods at Her Majesty’s Prison (H.M.P.) at Balsum Ghut, the Government of the Virgin Islands in July of 2008, through the Ministry of Education and Culture with responsibility for HM Prison, finalized contractual agreement with Caribbean Basin Enterprises for the purchase, installation and commission of a 30,000 gallons per day (gpd) CromaFlow Wastewater Treatment and effluent reuse system.

Combined, the prison and detention facilities can accommodate over 200 inmates and is staffed with approximately 75 personnel. With the completion of “H.M.P. Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Facility” all flows from the prison compound and the newly completed Immigration detention center including waste from    toilets, showers, kitchen, laundry and offices have been redirected to the CromaFlow system. Treated effluent is now being stored and can be reused for the flushing of toilets, sub‐surface irrigation and other approved uses. If implemented, this reuse practice would offer substantial savings to the Government as a result of lower potable water purchases as this expenditure item, as documented, has grown out of control.

The HMP CromaFlow 30,000 gpd facility features the latest in technology as the systems have been upgraded from manual to Programmable Logical Controls (PLC) which are communicated to by a Siemens’ Human Machine Interface (HMI) system. With the installation of this Croma‐Watch technology, operators now have the ability to remotely monitor, reset the operation parameters and maintain a log of the activities of each unit.  

The Government of the Virgin Islands, CromaFlow Corporation and Caribbean Basin Enterprises can now boast of environmentally safe and efficient wastewater treatment, reuse and disposal methods and in the era of cost reduction, the newly installed system at HM Prison is truly a step in the right direction.


Design, Install & Commission:

  • 250ft; 6” Gravity System from Prison & Detention Facilities
  • ¾ 5,000 gal Pre‐Equalization Unit
  • ¾ Duplex Lift Station Controller
  • ¾ 2# CA‐150 CromaFlow Systems [30,000 gpd] w/ PLC Controller
  • ¾ 3,000 gal Sludge Processing Unit
  • ¾ Hayward Strainer
  • ¾ 3,000 gal Post‐Equalization Unit w/ 2hp Duplex Controller
  • ¾ Netafim Media Filter
  • ¾ 3,000 gal Chlorine Contact Tank
  • ¾ 5,000 gal Storage & Effluent Pumping Station

– Carvin Malone – Caribbean Basin Enterprises