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About Seacure Marine N.V

Seacure Marine N.V. is a multi-faceted marine service company specializing in marine construction, tug & barge operations, and emergency salve situations. The company has played an integral role in all major marine projects competed on the island. Our expertise enables us to address unique obstacles and resolve potentially costly situations. Equipment owned includes barges, tug boats, work platforms, excavators, several cranes, and dredges.
In our 24 plus-year history, the company has established a large network of reliable professionals worldwide. Working collaboratively with our customers, we offer a full spectrum of services to meet individual project needs. Our commitment to quality, safety, and the environment assures that we provide thorough solutions that not only realize the goals of our customers but also deliver long-term value to their investment.

Seacure Marine N.V. performs inspections, installations, maintenance, repairs and upgrades for marina, marine facilities, aqueducts, bridges, harbours, piers, pipelines, piles and ports.

Management Services
Project Management
Construction Management
Consulting Services

Diving Services
Surface supplied air diving
Surface supplied mixed gas diving
Surface supplied nitrox diving
Certified underwater welding
Underwater cutting
Pressure washing
Pipe penetration
Jetting and dredging
Search and recovery
Sub sea mapping and imaging
Bottom sampling

Fabrication Facilities
Complete marines can be pre-fabricated and taken to site for assembly. This is inclusive of the ability to pre-stress both concrete piles and deck sections.

Additional Services
Non-destructive testing
Bottom profiling
Marine surveys

Steve Coetzer, Maine Contractor, brought his expertise in marine and mechanical engineering to St. Maarten where he began Seacure close to 25 years ago.

Projects (partial listing)
Lagoon Causeway Bridge
Isle de Sol Marine
Princess Port de Plaisance Marina
Simpson Bay Coast Guard Dock
Simpson Bay Police Station Dock
Marina Fort-Louis and Breakwater
Simpson Bay Bridge Extension
Oyster Bay Maine
Wathey Square Dock
Harbour repairs and maintenance.

Michael Bacon, Consulting Engineer/Project Manager, began his career in Montserrat as the Government Engineer, building bridges, sea walls, roads and culverts. Working in the Solon Islands for the EU, he oversaw the completion of nine schools and three health clinics. Over the last 20 years in St. Maarten, he has completed upwards of $100 million in projects.

Project (partial listing)
Coral Beach Club
AUC School of medicine
(picture right)
Aqualina Beach Club
Audi Showroom
New Hyundai Showroom
Flamingo Beach Resort
Belair Community Center

Seacure Marine N.V.
Airport Road #32
Simpson Bay, St. Maarten
Tel: 1-721-520-5572