Cane Garden Bay Project

Small Community Project -- 45,000 Gpd Collection, Yacht Pump Out,
 Secondary Treatment, Chlorinating, Sludge Processing, Ocean Disposal

By: BVI Water & Sewerage Department, Government of the British Virgin Islands 5/98

Cane Garden Bay, Tortola, BVI is host to one of the Caribbean's most popular beaches and is frequented by locals, visitors and yacht charterers from around the world. In addition to over 60 residential homes, Cane Garden Bay boasts 8 restaurants, 4 hotels, and numerous guest houses and apartments. Due to the high level of the water table, the proximity to the beach and the huge increase of waste water disposal, Cane Garden Bay was at risk at contaminating the beaches that made the community and the BVI most famous. The BVI Government contracted with CBE to design and build a wastewater system that would be capable of effectively collecting, treating and disposing, not only of the community's wastewater but also of waste produced by the many yachts that moored immediately off shore. CBE, as main contractor, subcontracted the engineering firm of Advanced Engineering, Inc., the pump station manufacturing firm of Myers Pumps, (through their agents American Pump Systems) and the wastewater treatment equipment firm of Cromaglass Corp. The combined expertise of this consortium led to one of the Caribbean's most comprehensive and modern wastewater treatment system.

Cane Garden Bay is a favorite anchorage for Yacht Charterers

CBE and Engineering Officials examine newly installed Myers Pump Station.


Inter tank connection of a typical CA-150 fiberglass unit by Cromaglass Officials.


Layout of 3 CA-150's, a sludge processing unit, and a chlorinating tank.



Typical yacht pumping apparatus.


Typical Yacht Pump Out Station with attached suction hose located at end of pier.


Cromaglass 45,000 gpd secondary treatment units with sludge processing chlorinating and effluent pumping station.


Cane Garden Bay Beach has been voted as one of the best beaches by tourist.

Installed Equipment:

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